Miscellaneous stuff

New releases:

New features in the Save State Mappers:

  • Enable/disable saving/loading in the menu
  • Reset back to PowerPak menu with Start+A+B
  • Famicom compatibility (let me know if you’re able to try this out, since I don’t have a Famicom of my own to test with)

New features in Nintendulator DX:

  • Works with the latest CC65 snapshot
  • Timer titles don’t have to prefixed with an ASCII identifier anymore
  • Watch window will try to automatically set the symbol size (byte/word)
  • Debug diagnostics (will add more later)

The PowerPak CF reading demo is a simple demo I whipped up in C that demonstrates reading files off of a FAT32 file system in a CF card. It uses a GPL licensed FAT32 library, which also supports creating new files and removing them. This could be used to replace the default PowerPak menus with better ones in the future.

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