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I’ve worked a lot on Pornotracker since the v1.2 release, next version may come out pretty soon. Here are some of the changes/additions:

  • FamiTone text export. FamiTone is a relatively lightweight NES music replayer that can be used in games and demos.
  • Software synthesized pulse/saw on the PCM channel. Can be used to make some nice SID style sounds. There’s a fair amount of aliasing with high frequencies because of the low sampling rate (no, I didn’t attempt anti-aliased waveform generation on 6502…), but I think it’s usable.
  • Volume and duty envelopes can now be edited in coarse or fine mode. Coarse mode is for the default NES channels (4 and 2 bit resolution, respectively), and fine mode is for the software synthesized pulse/saw channel (8 bit resolution).
  • Maximum number of instruments was increased to 255.
  • Likewise, maximum envelope length was increased to 250.
  • The PCM samples are now loaded in the normal instrument slots. Old tunes (all five or so of them that exist in the universe) will be converted automatically at load time.
  • Instrument envelopes can be copy&pasted to Windows clipboard, for example to edit them manually MML style, or to make quick duplicates.
  • DPCM sample support. Currently they can be loaded and played at one of the available 16 frequencies. Note maps (like in FamiTracker and NerdTracker) are not supported yet. DPCM samples are loaded in the normal instrument slots as well.
  • The iNES export option will be removed at least temporarily. It’s just too much work to maintain three separate players. There’s not much use for this feature anyways because of the NSF export option.
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