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So, what is this site for? I needed a place to dump all the random projects and stuff I’ve done during the years. Who knows, some of it might be useful to somebody else out there and it would be a shame to see it get buried in some random forum somewhere. Thus came the idea of creating this site.

Here you’ll find all of the projects I’ve deemed worthy enough to be added and also a BLOG which will for most part be used for site related news. Random rants and YouTube videos might be posted every now and then, you have been warned.

About me

I live in Tampere, Finland. At the time of writing (2010) I’m 24 25 years old. I study computer sciency things at Tampere University of Technology.

I go by several aliases online, but mostly I use the nickname thefox. I somewhat regret choosing it, it’s unimaginative, hard to pronounce, etc, but I’ve been using it for about 10 years already so… :)

I spend most of my free time doing computer related stuff: ircing, surfing the web, coding, etc. I also like to watch TV series and movies and read a book occasionally (note to self: read more books). You could call me an introvert.

I play online poker sometimes. Lately I haven’t been able to play much because of school :roll: but I’m trying to get back to it soon. I mostly play small stakes No Limit Texas Hold’em heads up (NL200 and below) but hopefully I can move up to the midstakes in the nearby future. Also should learn some PLO, both HU and 6max, but it hasn’t treated me well so far… There’s probably going to be some poker related stuff in the blog also (bad beats, suicide notes, all the good stuff).

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2 Responses to About

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  2. Lady Eklipse says:

    Do you remember me compaining about Kirby’s Adventure freezing in random places?
    I have finally acquired a video capturer and was able to record the footage of what’s going on during those glithes:
    All other games work like they should, apparently I experience this problem because I have an unusual NES, which went bundled with PowerPad.
    Thank you for your support.
    Best regards,

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