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PowerMappers released

PowerMappers is a new set of mappers for the PowerPak NES flash cartridge. It is a complete rewrite of my previous Save State Mappers. I have been sitting on this for a while, but since there hasn’t been significant progress … Continue reading

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Comment problems

I just noticed I had a lot of comments in queue, dating back to April. For some reason Thunderbird had decided not to show any messages about comments needing moderation. Or, there was a hiccup with the emails getting sent. … Continue reading

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NES Image Converter 2

I decided to completely rewrite NES Image Converter over the previous weekend. It now has a proper GUI and a much less buggy conversion algorithm. Hopefully the results are a little bit better as well. Here’s a screenshot: From README: … Continue reading

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NintendulatorDX v34

I’ve released NintendulatorDX v34, the biggest new feature is support for Lua scripting. Get it from the usual place.

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STREEMERZ unleashed

My NES port of STREEMERZ was released couple of days ago, get the ROM from here or read the development blog here.

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MUSE v03

MUSE v03 has been released, get it from the usual place. Changes are: Envelope and arpeggio updates are skipped when NTSC_MODE is enabled. Changed all references from Pornotracker to Musetracker. Added separate SPEED_COMPENSATION and NOTE_FREQ_COMPENSATION flags. Added PAL_MODE and DENDY_MODE flags.

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Pornotracker is now Musetracker

I decided to rename Pornotracker to Musetracker (despite formerly claiming not to do so). Not because some religious folk were offended by the name, but because I may want to include it in my resume some day, and I don’t … Continue reading

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NES platformer engine work

I’ve resumed working on my NES game engine after a long while. I don’t presume a lot of people will be reading this, but it’s a nice way of keeping track of how things progress. Couple of days ago I … Continue reading

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Save State Mappers v1.5

Save State Mappers v1.5 released. Changes are detailed in the previous post. Download from here.

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New version of Save State Mappers coming soon

There will not be any new releases in the near future, unless some critical bug surfaces. Yeah, right. There will be a new version of the Save State Mappers soonish. Changes/fixes are: Minor sound register initialization issue fixed (affected Megaman 1 … Continue reading

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