Super Monkey Retarded Boy

Super Monkey Retarded Boy is the working title for NES game/engine that I’ve been working on for a while now. So far I have implemented multidirectional map scrolling and object-map collision detection.

Overall direction of the game is still pretty hazy. I haven’t really thought much about the game design yet, only technical stuff. I will probably rip the graphics from commercial games for starters to get some kind of idea how the game is going to look. Hopefully at some point I’ll find somebody to replace the placeholders.

The goal is to make an old school game with bit of a new school touch. It’s most probably going to be a platformer, but it would be nice to add some character development features also. And a lot of raster effects of course. ;)

What’s already done

  • Glitch-free multidirectional scrolling
  • Status bar
  • Object handling
  • Sprite handling (rendering, cycling, tools)
  • Background-object collision detection
  • Object-object collision detection
  • Sprite animation engine
  • Object spawning/deactivating based on scroll (almost done…)
  • Music/sound engine (MUSE)


  • Sloped platforms
  • Dynamic levels (collectable coins, breakable bricks, etc)
  • Map editor

Here’s an old demo of multidirectional scrolling and collision detection:

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2 Responses to SMRB

  1. Kyle says:

    omg im EXTREMELY looking forward to this. ive been looking for a simple nes engine for quite some time thank you soooo much

  2. keikei says:

    are you stil, developing this is ?? is a dream come true!!

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