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PowerMappers released

PowerMappers is a new set of mappers for the PowerPak NES flash cartridge. It is a complete rewrite of my previous Save State Mappers. I have been sitting on this for a while, but since there hasn’t been significant progress … Continue reading

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NES Image Converter 2

I decided to completely rewrite NES Image Converter over the previous weekend. It now has a proper GUI and a much less buggy conversion algorithm. Hopefully the results are a little bit better as well. Here’s a screenshot: From README: … Continue reading

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NintendulatorDX v34

I’ve released NintendulatorDX v34, the biggest new feature is support for Lua scripting. Get it from the usual place.

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STREEMERZ unleashed

My NES port of STREEMERZ was released couple of days ago, get the ROM from here or read the development blog here.

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MUSE v03

MUSE v03 has been released, get it from the usual place. Changes are: Envelope and arpeggio updates are skipped when NTSC_MODE is enabled. Changed all references from Pornotracker to Musetracker. Added separate SPEED_COMPENSATION and NOTE_FREQ_COMPENSATION flags. Added PAL_MODE and DENDY_MODE flags.

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NES platformer engine work

I’ve resumed working on my NES game engine after a long while. I don’t presume a lot of people will be reading this, but it’s a nice way of keeping track of how things progress. Couple of days ago I … Continue reading

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New releases

New releases: PowerPak Save State Mappers v1.4 — Fixes some games (Cybernoid, Karnov, etc) Nintendulator DX v0.33 — Adds .proc/.scope profiling support Pornotracker v1.4 — Too many changes to mention here, but the biggest one is support for a NES sound library, MUSE. … Continue reading

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Pornotracker v1.3

As the topic says, less than two weeks after the release of v1.2 here’s Pornotracker v1.3. Most of the changes are detailed in this post. In addition, NSF timing was modified to 100% cycle perfect, meaning each sample write falls … Continue reading

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Save State Mappers v1.3.2

Turns out palette loading was completely broken in v1.3.x of the Save State Mappers (in fact, it wasn’t loading the palette at all). This new release fixes the problem. It also waits for release of Start+A+B before resetting, to fix … Continue reading

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More Pornotracker

I’ve worked a lot on Pornotracker since the v1.2 release, next version may come out pretty soon. Here are some of the changes/additions: FamiTone text export. FamiTone is a relatively lightweight NES music replayer that can be used in games … Continue reading

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